Italy-based noise rock/post-punk band Frana releases their vividly gritty and restlessly dynamic new album.

The members of noise rock/post-punk band Frana are originally from Germany, but they are now based out of Italy.

Luca Tadini (guitar, vocals), Francesco Scazza (bass), Matteo Motta (guitar), and Michele Quinzani (drums) are set to release their latest album Disastersss on December 18th via Antena Krzyku (PL), Day Off Records (FRA), Santa Valvola Records, Taxi Driver Records, and Sonatine Produzioni (ITA).

Disastersss follows up 2018 LP Awkwardwards, and they’ve previously dropped two EPs and a 7” single.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the vivid and dynamic Disastersss today, a few days before its official release.

Frana’s music precariously balances between dissonance and melody, allowing noise and tunefulness to co-exist and battle each other for dominance. There’s also a great deal of restless energy that is dissipated through their agitated numbers.

Snarkily named album-opener “Let Me Write This Down in My Dontcarecalendar” is a dark stomper filled with stormy guitars, grinding bass line, and emphatic drum strikes. The lyrics are shouted out, with Tadini declaring that everyone’s always in a hurry and not paying attention to who and what’s around them.

“Get Scurvy” features bashed drums and slicing guitar jags, while lead single “Hesitation Junkies” churns with heavy bass cycles, discordant guitar circles, and droning vocals.

“Effy Fringles” veers dangerously close to cacophony, but is glued together by a ragingly determined pace and passionately exclaimed vocals.

The band members also definitely have a sense of humor that is evidenced by their cheeky song titles (“Sgt. Popper” that’s otherwise a blazing diatribe, and “Loans Will Tear Us Apart”).

Disastersss is a sonically and emotionally urgent and cathartic album that has a bleak lyrics streak (the band’s name is slang for hopeless person) and wild mood swings – The perfect soundtrack for 2020, no?

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