Canadian alternative rock group Frogpile jump in with their new rock ‘n’ roll EP.

Frogpile are slyly posing as an alternative rock group made up of (mostly) good, Canadian kids. They are determined to take you on a wild guitar ride on their new EP Hallelujah, Baby, making the occasional pit stop to show off some poignant lyricism or to crack open a cold one.

Brian from the band explains the meaning behind the EP, stating, “The idea behind Hallelujah, Baby is credited directly to my Dad. After a night of debauchery, he basically told me to get myself together, and casually dropped the line "You need something of a plan, for this life and the next.”

Brian continues, “The 'songwriter-radar' started beeping like crazy after that line... So, well in, Dad. With that in mind, we got thinking hard on how your religious views dictate the type of life you lead, which is based purely on belief. Whether that is a good thing or not… I'm not really sure. So while it is seemingly tongue in cheek, the EP really isn't taking a stance, but simply exploring the idea and implications.”

Check out the EP premiere below:

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