The European musician melds alt-rock and metal with doom-imbued emotions.

Located in the Principality of Liechtenstein nestled between Switzerland and Austria, atmospheric and heavy rock/metal project Black Reuss (AKA Maurizio Dottore) has unveiled a dark and uneasy debut album entitled Metamorphosis.

Like the title implies, the intent of the LP’s song cycle is one of change and transformation – the restless and never-ending process of life and death that transfigures all in its path.

Laments, dirges, confessionals, and reflections make up the bulk of Metamorphosis, with compositions awash in weighty melancholy and deep brooding.

The track “Incomplete” has gotten the music video treatment as is a slowly unfolding introduction to the whole album.

Lulling passages rise up with somber fire and then succumb again in a circle of regret that Black Reuss eventually breaks free from by the end of the LP.

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