The brooding to passionate tunes from the band’s new album tackle mental health issues.

Orlando, Florida-located alternative/post-rock band Blueanimal have been steadily releasing a run of singles with accompanying music videos.

Each song is enveloped in a moody atmosphere with brooding vocals and slow-burn pace that at times breaks free with more impassioned instrumentation and vocals.

The three tracks come from Blueanimal’s new album, Figment That Was Me, which materialized in early June.

The main concept of the band’s third LP deals with mental health. Like the works of Radiohead/Thom Yorke, the mood is filled with uncertainty and anxiety that stems from emotion-based issues.

Blueanimal add various elements from other rock genres, including classic rock, progressive rock, and acoustic-based sonics.

Lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Luke Elms comments, “I wrote this album as a concept album telling the story of a person descending into and rising out of a battle with depression and the consequences it has on his relationships, self-image, and all facets of his life.”

“Our world is in the midst of a pandemic of Covid-19.  But, an epidemic that was present before Covid, and will unfortunately still be raging after, is the epidemic of mental health issues and the struggles of public perception, awareness, and stigma that comes along with it.”  

“My hope is this album can help take people on a journey through this character's struggle that will allow those that have fortunately not experienced mental health issues to gain a better understanding and those that are currently struggling to not feel so alone.”

Listen to Figment That Was Me on Spotify:


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