Brody Dalle (former Distiller’s frontwoman) is finally releasing the long awaited EP from her new band “Spinnerette”

Former Distillers frontwoman, Brody Dalle, has returned with her new band Spinnerette. This marks Dalle's first venture back into the music world since the Distillers disbanded in 2006. For the last few years she has focused on her marriage to Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) and her family, and that maturity is reflected in her new music. On Spinnerette's debut EP, Ghetto Love, the songs are said to be inspired by "the birth of her daughter and death of her father" and "touch upon themes of redemption, salvation and religion."

New lineup:

TONY BEVILACQUA (later era Distillers)
ALAIN JOHANNES (Anthym, Eleven, Queens Of The Stone Age)
JACK IRONS (Red Hot Chilipeppers, Eleven, Pearl Jam)

The band will release the digital-only EP alongside their first music video beginning December 11 on their website.

Track Listing For Ghetto Love:
01. Ghetto Love
02. Valium Knights
03. Distorting A Code
04. Bury My Heart

Spinnerette on Myspace

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