The second full-length solo album from the Keeley Electronics recording artist features 10 unforgiving, fuzzy bangers with musical callbacks reminiscent of rock and punk classics such as the Misfits, ZZ Top and Everclear.

Brooklyn-based musician Matt C. White (Grandpa Jack) has returned to unveil his latest project, ‘Punishers’ – a 10-song spread that incorporates elements of classic rock, grunge and metal to take listeners on a wild ride through the grittiest and grimiest corners of New York's bar scene.

Using the trademark penetrating vocals and signature fuzzed-out baritone guitar we heard on his earlier ‘Creepshow Peepshow’ album series, White employs ‘Punishers’ to tell the tales of the wild nights he’s experienced in these raucous venues and the colorful characters he’s met along the way. The album’s title is inspired by the idea of "punishers" -- a crude nickname for the characters who drunkenly corner you in bars to talk about themselves.

For fans of White's previous solo work, ‘Punishers' will not disappoint with tracks such as "Animals,” “Punishers Part II: Hogwash” and "Sweet Nothin’," where he delivers the catchy hooks and guitar lines we’ve grown to expect from the artist. 

Listeners will recognize White’s propensity for musical experimentation with tracks like "Remember," which combines rhythmic tempo changes and frenzied spoken-word segments that eventually devolve into an incoherent sound bath, symbolic of a night out with a drunkard. 

As for album outliers, White takes a turn with tracks like “Flesh Delirium,” with a slower tempo and refreshingly softer vocals that we’re used to from the artist, while “Summonthin,” an instrumental track, has no lyrics at all. 

Our featured track on the album is “Punishers Part II: Gag” where White's primal screams and unbridled passion reign supreme. 

Self-written, performed and recorded by White, with mastering by Matt Labozza (Palm, Grandpa Jack), 'Punishers' is an early pinnacle of White’s solo work with his intuitive musical craftsmanship on full display. 

Check out ‘Punishers’ below and follow the artist for updates on releases and live performances.

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