The vibrant outfit pay tribute to the bands of their youth, including Black Flag, on rousing tune and video.

One part punk-pop, one part sunny surf rock, San Luis Obispo California’s Hayley and the Crushers are a tsunami of bold, bad-girl fun.

Hayley and the Crushers new single "Church of Flag" is dedicated to the elder rockers who never forgot the power of three chords cranked loud. In essence, the track goes out to all the punks that got old(er), and are proud to say their still rocking.

Hayley and the Crushers is composed of Hayley Cain on guitar and vocals, her husband Dr. Cain on bass, and a gaggle of drummers located in California, the Midwest, and beyond. The band isn't afraid to say they are no longer spring chickens. 

The vivacious Hayley reveals her thoughts on new single "Church of Flag" and its robust and rousing accompanying music video:

"Church of Flag is about finding that first band that blows your mind as a young person. For myself and and Dr. Cain, one of those bands was Black Flag. It's hard to imagine holding onto that energy for years, even decades--but that is what some of us are able to do,"

"I am no longer that crazy punk kid in the mosh pit, but I held onto the spirit of the music that moved me and inspired me. To this day, when we see a kid who looks like he or she needs to be a bit empowered, we joke that we should 'sneak them a Black Flag tape' and indoctrinate them into the church."

Some sadly, don't make it to punk rock adulthood, and the band dedicated the song to Hayley's longtime friend Elizabeth Morgan, who did not make it past that hurdle. A second version of the song, sung by Dr. Cain, streams everywhere on February 4th. It's a bit of friendly competition between a married couple who is unconventional at best! Who sang it better? Y'all can decide!



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