New Rewards: Joey Bobbleheads and large signed movie posters

On January 21st Sudden Death Records launched a kickstater camapign for the documentary “Something Better Change”—a film not only about D.O.A. but of Joe Keithey's political pursuits which led to a campaign victory in 2018 in his hometown of Burnaby, BC. The filmmakers will follow him as he enters into the next election for his city councillor seat in 2022.

“I am always attracted to a good underdog story,” says “Something Better Change” director Scott Crawford. “Not only have I been a longtime fan of D.O.A.,” he continues, “but Joe Keithley’s David versus Goliath story of affecting change from within the political ecosystem is one that I think will resonate with audiences - especially given our current political climate.”

As an elected official, Joe Keithley continues to carry on the same battles and ideals he has always stood for in D.O.A.: the fight against racism, the fight for new climate-change policies and women's rights issues. While in office, Keithley has worked hard on securing affordable housing, daycare, helping the most vulnerable citizens in his hometown.

Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Scott Crawford (“Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC” and “CREEM: America’s Only Rock’n’Roll Magazine”) and produced by Paul Rachman (director, “American Hardcore”, co-founder of Slamdance Film Festival) we’ve got a great team in place to share our story with the world.

Please consider giving to the Kickstarter campaign—they have some awesome rewards they are giving away including autographed LPs (by Joe Keithley), guitars, t-shirts, hoodies, patches and more!


New clip from Joey:

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