Chunksaah Records will be releasing a compilation aptly titled Everyone Knows I Play Favorites and Like 10"s due to the collection containing label owner Kate Hiltz's favorite acts that will be at Fest this year and being exclusively on 10-inch vinyl because according to Kate: "It's my favorite and because sometimes I do what I want."

The compilation features songs from Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners, Ian Graham of Cheap Girls, Roger Harvey of White Wives, Ty Vaughn of Broadway Calls, Mitylion (Ari Katz of Lifetime), Tom May of The Menzingers, Tim Barry, Brian McGee of Plow United and Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves. It will be exclusively available at the Chunksaah flea market table at The Fest and through the contributing artists.

Everyone Knows I Play Favorites and Like 10"s

1. Chris Cresswell "Prove Me Wrong"
2. Ian Graham "Twice As Much"
3. Roger Harvey "Los Fuegos Artificiales"
4. Ty Vaughn "UFOs"
5. Mitylion "Listentome 2496"
6. Tom May "As Above So Below"
7. Tim Barry "Me and Gwomp"
8. Brian McGee "Alley"
9. Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves "Everything Turns Grey"

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