After a 4 year hiatus, Citoyens release “Noches Eternas”, a driving and angst filled new single/video.

Colombia’s Citoyens “Noches Eternas” is a well-executed, energetic punk track, with heavy and hard hitting drums, interesting and melodic guitar runs over basslines that are fully in sync with the pounding percussion. A really cool riff surprises you right before the 2-minute mark that breaks up the song nicely and provides a return to the melody of the verse. The song has great catchy melodies and lyrics throughout.

These guys have apparently reformed after a 4-year hiatus after a 13-year run from 2004-2017, and this single/video is the first from a new record coming later in 2022.

The band explains: "Currently we want to exploit our creativity and continue making music that uplifts, inspires and helps us cope with the harshness of life," comments Ivan. "It is a responsibility to use our talents to bring joy to people and a message that resonates with them," adds David. "The most important thing about this return is to enjoy what we do and let everything flow with enthusiasm, energy and affection," says Andrés.

In their press release, “Noches Eternas” is described as a song about the frustrations of suffering from insomnia, but one can’t help but think that the “harshness of life” Ivan alludes to is likely a contributing factor. Read the lyrics below to get the true feel of his headspace he describes in the song.

This is certainly a song for the times, in that it seems to address, even if indirectly, the anxieties of our current reality. With the political corruption and recent violence against the people of Colombia at the hands of their own government, the difficult economic conditions, Covid and the issues with vaccine access and distribution, this track is a great reminder for the underground music community to remember to stick together beyond our borders. Please support via links below.


I am desperate
I toss and turn and I can't stop thinking
Why can't I sleep?
I can't go on like this.

I know something's not right
And I've been up more than two nights already
I hate this situation
I'm losing control.

I feel so finished, disoriented
I'm walking in a maze.
My body is so tired, annihilated
And I am no longer the same.

I'm looking for a solution
I try everything but it won't go away
The night is about to leave
But I'm still here.

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