The young quartet blend pop and rock with the atmospheric new anthem

From one of the youngest touring bands in the Northeast, Recess have blossomed into an award-winning alternative pop prospect.

New single "The Sound of Giving Up" is a heart-rendering and contemplative pop anthem, with soaring melodies bursting through the bubbling synth.

Lead vocalist Anthony Fondale shares: ""The Sound of Giving Up" was written amidst the lockdown of 2020. From a somber beginning to a huge, tear-jerkingly explosive crescendo, the track captures the melancholic essence of succumbing to the inner voice urging you to give up."

Childhood friends can grow apart, move away or see the rigours of adult life interfere in relationships. For Recess however, the three kids who were playing music together at elementary school, have only grown closer with time.

From one of the youngest touring bands in the Northeast, Recess, formed of Alex Raz, and brothers Vincent & Anthony Fondale, have come full circle, winning Best Alternative Band at the 2023 Cleveland Music Awards.

Whilst the three young men have matured both on and off record, the youthful exuberance and joy of playing music that brought them together 15 years ago has not.

The Ohio trio landed acclaim for a string of popular singles, with indie-pop anthem "Woke Up in California" and soaring "Home Away From Home" coming as particular fan favourites. Latest EP The Valley in The Fog proved to be their most successful release to date, racking up north of 100K streams on Spotify, and pushing the band to new levels sonically.

Influences change over time, but growing up together has seen Recess' dexterous array of musical backgrounds come together in a confluent amalgam within their sound. Rooted in alternative rock, but nodding to pop and punk influences, Recess bring driving guitars and infectious, cinematic level choruses, with a serotonin-boosting delivery.

Following on from 2023's "Rust", "The Sound of Giving Up" is a synth pop thriller that twists and turns like an epic drama. The single evokes an array of emotions as Recess soundtrack the ultimate foil to adversity.