Macclesfield’s power duo The Virginmarys announce their fourth studio album The House Beyond The Fires, accompanied by new single and video “Northwest Coast”.

A slight tongue in cheek homage to the Northwest of England that flows like poetry in Ally Dkty’s lyrics along with the groove of his guitar and the ferociousness of Danny Dolan’s drums - all of the ingredients that make this duo so unique. 

Frontman Ally states, “Northwest Coast is the first single to be released from the album, it’s a perfect glimpse of all that’s to come. It starts with one of the best riffs I’ve written, and the groove works incredibly. The track fuses different genres and is a little ‘tongue in cheek’ lyrically, repping the gritty realness and beauty of the Northwest of England.”

The House Beyond The Fires is the band’s first album since they reformed as a two piece in 2021, teaming up with Dave Draper to produce the drums and guitars (Terrorvision, The Wildhearts) and Karl Daniel Lidén from Sweden for the mix and mastering - an instant go-to after hearing his work (Dozer, Greenleaf) and this approach has certainly paid off. 

Ally continues, “We have always been renowned for the power and energy of our live performances and strived to recreate that intensity through the production and mix of the records. I feel like we’ve really turned a corner with this album”

6 years in the making, and a worthy follow up to their previous Top 10 “Heatseekers” Charting album Northern Sun Sessions – The House Beyond The Fires brings a collection of  anthemic, hard hitting Alt/Rock tracks with a punk edge.

The album carries a deep personal significance for the band as Ally tells us: “This album is a tribute to Danny’s Dad, Tommy Dolan, who passed away last year. It’s difficult to articulate how much he meant to us and how deep the grief runs within all who loved him. The LP is a direct reference to his notorious shop, The House of Fires; it felt fitting to make a direct reference to his love, support and influence in the album title.”

 He continues, “This will also be the first album released in becoming a two-piece, We have grown a lot in the last few years by tuning into our creative synergy and transposing it into our most impactful work to date.”

The House Beyond The Fires takes you on an all-encompassing journey with more earworms than ever before, from the stunningly powerful ‘Lights Go Down’ to the meaningful ‘Dance To The City’ which revists the Manchester music scene of old, the cliques, the gatekeepers and the struggles of a modern band, while also being a song of reflection for Tommy Dolan who was a big part of the Manchester scene. ‘White Knuckle Riding’ is a deeper track that takes on the daily struggles with mental health, ‘There Ain’t No Future’ hits you with the funk and builds up into an angry ‘in your face’ chorus giving us that raw energy we have come to expect from the duo.

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