Great music is all around us, sometimes we just have to make a conscious effort to dig a little harder for it. Here are several acts that have perked up my ears and had me spinning their tunes on constant rotation, curious to find out more about their work and share their sounds on Rebel Noise.


Weeping Icon - “Like Envy”
Awareness and critique of our current society’s partaking in social media and its myriad of influences is ripe in artist’s consciousness. Brooklyn act Weeping Icon (featuring members of DIY bands ADVAETA, Lutkie, and Mantismass) recently shared their latest track for “Like Envy”, a dark lens into the inescapable tunnel attempting to become a social media influencer may have on us. Directed by Alice Millar, the music video layers darkly mystical shots of ouija boards and pulsating violet images over the neverending attempt to create the perfect post and find the ideal photo angle to share with followers. The hypocrisy of her actions with her judgements of others doing the same and losing their realization of what’s actually taking place before their eyes is not lost on Weeping Icon. With spoken word lyrics like “Do you like my content? / Does it make you envy what I have?”, Weeping Icon taint a scenic background with impending murky black tar, a devolving cycle compelling us to wake up to right’s in front of us. Their self titled debut album comes out September 27th off Fire Talk and Kanine Records.



Operator Music Band - “Rex”
Capturing an off kilter essence, Brooklyn based quartet Operator Music Band’s latest track “Rex” proves that sometimes less is more. Deeply engrained in experimental textures, the band interweaves minimalist instrumentals in their futuristic kraut-rock sound, crafting an individualized and alienated atmosphere. Harnessing their energy into a coasting tempo, Operator Music Band juxtapose this calm with calamity, sentimentally taut with tension as Jared Hiller sings “And in the event that I cannot live up to the ideals that I’ve prescribed / Know that I’m angry, and nervous, and emotionally drained” with even keeled detachment. A shift from their often frenetic sound in “Mondo” and “I, Banana” off their 2017 record Puzzlephonics I & II, we’re excited to see what else is in store off their upcoming album Duo Duo, out on September 20th via Broken Circles.



HXXS - “Learner”
Based in Kansas City, electronic two piece HXXS grasp at the roots of adaptability and survival with their latest track for “Learner”. Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves tap into the nature of intuitively trusting your instincts with their glitching synths, their official music video utilizes sporadic live footage splayed with their tracks’ lyrics encompassing the entirety of their viewer’s field of vision. With their aptly titled upcoming album, Year of the Witch, HXXS incorporates sinister shadows awaiting in hallways and molding vegetation consumed by thriving worms. “Learner” certainly captures your attention while reminding us that “second guessing is so contagious”, so why not hone into your own individual truth. You can purchase their debut record once October 18th hits via Captured Tracks.


Queen of Jeans - “Get Lost”
Often through a period of isolation comes greater self-understanding and clarity. Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans’ opening track, “Get Lost”, off their recently released sophomore album If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid via Topshelf Records, was influenced by vocalist and guitarist Miriam Devora’s experience with the death of her mother. Contemplating the complex spectrum of human emotions, Devora’s lyrics emanate a refusal to fit into others’ preconceived expectations and desires. Surging forth like a John Hughes’ film anthem, the song holds onto realized self-reliance and assurance as Devora belts “I should have taken my own advice”, gradually letting go of reservations and flourishes as the band takes baseball bats to pristine vases and artwork. While many of our day to day encounters can feel disconcerting, Queen of Jeans evokes a unique healing process and encourages all to find our own.


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