The violin has been woven into the fabric of alternative rock culture over the decades. It's not the first instrument that comes to mind when you think about rock 'n roll but as many of your favorite celtic and folk hybrid acts have found it fits right in. From Gogol Bordello's "Sergey Ryabtsev" to Flogging Molly's "Bridget Regan" these artists and their instruments are at the heart of and core of some great music. So if you've been kickin' around the idea of picking up a viola, fiddle, violinette, crowd, crioth, rebec, gusla or plain old violin here's a list of essentials to get you started:


Essential Accessories for Violin

Nothing excites a musician more than giving their instruments brand new accessories it needs. These accessories help them in having an excellent performance, that is why choosing accessories should not only be based on aesthetics but as well as its quality. The same principle applies for violin accessories and if you’re someone who’s just starting to learn how to play violin, here’s a brief guide in choosing the essential accessories for the instrument:


1. Music Stand

Of course, having this accessory is vital especially if you’re familiarizing yourself with a composition. It can be uncomfortable for a musician to put music sheets on the floor or make up a stand that would hold these sheets. Music stands vary: a small version should be ideal for music lessons and recitals while the bigger size music stand is ideal for home practice.


2. Rosin

Definitely a need for all violin enthusiasts, rosin is one of the reasons your violin is able to produce enigmatic sounds. It helps to create friction between the bow and the instrument, thus creating unique sounds. If it weren’t for rosin, you probably won't hear anything from the violin.


3. Shoulder Rest

This accessory allows you to comfortably rest your chin and shoulder between the violin. If not for the shoulder rest, a musician may find it hard to balance the instrument and would feel worn out easily.


4. Strings

Purchasing an extra set of violin strings should be convenient in circumstances wherein the one you’re currently using breaks. Especially before a recital, a set of strings will be really handy if in case your strings or another violinist’s encounter an unanticipated problem.


5. Tuner

Especially for beginners, a tuner should help you in making sure that your violin is in tune. Technology these days provided the music industry with tuners that can be installed in mobile devices. However, it’s still ideal especially for beginners, to opt for an electric tuner as this provides accurate guidance if your violin is already in tune.


6. Soft Cloth

A soft cloth aide in cleaning your violin, especially of the leftover rosin that had built up in your violin. It’s important that you maintain your violin as clean as possible to maintain its quality.


7. Dampit

The temperature of the environment affects your violin’s physical attributes. If your violin is frequently exposed to dry areas, it’s expected that its strings will always be out of tune. A Dampit which is a humidifier, prevent such circumstance from happening. All you have to do is fill this accessory with water and place it in the F-holes of your violin. 

8. Peg Compound

Also known as peg dope, this accessory helps to keep the quality of strings especially if it experiences drastic changes in weather. You can put it on the pegs after you’re done using the instrument. 


9. Case 

It’s a golden rule among the string community to always place your instrument inside a case when not in use. Not only will it help your violin from acquiring any physical damage, cases made for this instrument aides in keeping the humidity steady, thus guaranteeing that the instrument doesn't lose its quality.


10. Mute

A life-saver for beginners, the mute has the ability to reduce the vibration from the bridge which in result produces less tone. If you’re practicing at home and would not want neighbors to come knocking at your door,  getting yourself a mute should be helpful to practice playing violin in peace.