Short, but informative reviews on songs by UK noise-rock band Blunder, Norwegian indie rock/pop act SLØTFACE, Mancunian psych-rock/folk band Politburo, and Philadelphia-residing indie rock/pop outfit Mercury Girls.

Lumer – “Blunder”

Hull, U.K.-based noise-rock band Lumer merges menacingly grim post-punk with grimy garage rock on its desolately raging “Blunder”, the lead single off of its self-titled debut EP, coming out on Warren Records August 19th.  Benjamin Jackson (guitar), Alex Evans (bass, vocals), and Jacob Wardle (drums) bash up a tumultuous storm of angst and anger on “Blunder”, with Evans’ scuzzed-up shouts of “I’m bleeding out!” being nearly drowned out by the buzz saw guitar blasts, winding hollow-out noise, and lunging, plunging drum hits.


SLØTFACE – “Take Me Dancing”

Norwegian, feminist, indie rock/power pop band SLØTFACE (formerly Slutface, but changed due to social media restrictions) rips up the dancefloor with the exuberantly upbeat single “Take Me Dancing” out on Propeller Recordings.  It follows the April release of the act’s debut EP Sponge State and takes a detour from its previous style – less barreling post-punk and more pogo-ing rock-pop, with a highly elastic bass line keeping the rhythm bouncing along.  Lead vocalist Haley Shea lets loose with the fun vibes, exclaiming in a brightly enthusiastic manner, “Please take me out dancing this Saturday night.” amid a non-stop whirl of scintillating guitar distortion and fast-track drum beat from Tor-Arne Vikingstad (guitar), Lasse Lokøy (bass), and Halvard Skeie Wiencke (drums).


Politburo – “Barrington Way”

Mancunian, self-described “magic realism” retro-rock/folk band Politburo has been active since its inception 1999 with founding members Nick Alexander (vocals, guitar, tambourine) and Dominic James (drums, percussion, keyboards) staying the course.  The band currently also includes John Loveguns (guitar), Phil Meredith (guitar, keyboards), Steven Joseph (bass), and invited guest Chloé Sancho (vocals).  “Barrington Way” is a vintage-cool hybrid opus that starts out like a late 60s wandering processional from The Beatles which later morphs into a jangly, upbeat classic pop number, all dynamic hand drum rhythms, horn bleats, briskly strummed guitars, a multitude of vocals, and Alexander leading with the exclaimed line, “Show me the way!”  Polituburo will be releasing its second album, titled Barrington Way, on August 19th via Leonard Skully Records.


Mercury Girls – “Holly”

Philadelphian indie rock/pop band Mercury Girls (Sarah Schimeneck, Kevin Attics, Chris Schackerman, Kevin O’Halloran, and Andrew Hagiwara) are one of 4 bands sharing an 8-song mini-album titled Continental Drift, which hits August 26th on both the Slumberland Records and Fortuna POP! labels.  Baltimore’s indie pop/punk outfit Wildhoney, Scotland’s queer-pop band The Spook School, and London’s punk-pop act Tigercats are also featured on the split album.  The Mercury Girls’ Lush-like “Holly” endears with its swift, uplifting pace of trippingly quick drum beats, cymbals shimmer, shining, driving guitar lines, soft, shadowy male vocals, and sweetly sweeping vocals from Sarah.