The Arizonian post-rock/blackgaze band return with their potent second LP this fall.

Phoenix, Arizona-based post-rock/blackgaze outfit Holy Fawn have gained critical accolades for their hybrid sound that blends the heaviness and doom of black metal with the expansiveness and complexity of post-rock and the reflective to scintillating guitar aspects of shoegaze music.

Holy Fawn recently announced the upcoming release of their second full length, Dimensional Bleed, which is set to drop on September 9th via Wax Bodega.

Earlier this year the band unveiled the dreamily anguished single “Death is a Relief” without word about the arrival of any other new music. Now the information is out about Dimensional Bleed, as well as the ominously shadowy to menacingly ripping title track.

Dimensional Bleed follows up debut LP Death Spells from 2018, and 2020’s The Black Moon EP.




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