British Columbia pop-punk trio July Crowd deliver their nostalgic, skate punk inspired sophomore EP, ‘Seat of Your Pants’.

Canadian pop-punk trio July Crowd have dropped their hook-heavy sophomore EP, Seat of Your Pants.

Harking to the best of the late 90's skate punk, July Crowd draw on the best of their present day contemporaries on a record adorned with pacey guitars and singalong choruses.

Having become colleagues working retail in Prince George, BC, Dom Walters, Niko Stivanakis, and Nic Faller's professional relationship blossomed into personal one, brought together by jamming Goldfinger and blink-182 on old electric guitars and a cheap drum set.

Presenting their first body of work with 2021 EP, Roses & Adderall, July Crowd impressed, with a potent and thoroughly infectious brand of alternative, steeped in throwback pop-punk and brimming with energy.

Continuing to hone and develop their sound over the last two years, the Canadian trio are back in a big way, with new EP, Seat of Your Pants. The summer-ready record brings with it massive singalongs, gritty, skate-punk inspired hooks and thoughtful emo tones, collating the best of a genre that brought the band together, both as people and musicians.

alt-rock pop-punk