An all-ages hardcore show in Tucson, Arizona turned violent last week and ended with several people injured and one person killed when one of the five bands turned out to have connections to the FSU crew. FSU (the acronym means many things, the most common being Fuck Shit Up) is associated with the hardcore scene and has loosely connected groups in cities all over the country. The venue, which is billed as a safe haven for teens in the city, didn't know Shattered Realm were tied to the FSU crew when they booked them for December 7. Witnesses say the venue was "invaded" by adult FSU members from Phoenix, who began shoving other concert goers when Skrappys decided to cut the music and turn the houselights on.

The fighting continued in the parking lot, where some audience members were assaulted with hammers, machetes and other assorted weapons. One man, whose name has not been released to the public, ran to his car after receiving injuries to his head and face. FSU member Ray "Hairy Darrin" Pierson, 27, followed the attendee to the car and began smashing in his windows. The man, who holds a concealed weapons permit, pulled his gun from his car and fatally shot Pierson once in the parking lot. Police are determining if the shooting was in self-defense.

On the venue's myspace page, Skrappys owner Kathy Woolridge wrote, "I cannot support any band, label, booking agent, MTV, or anyone else that promotes the violence that I have seen in the last couple of years. For people to believe that it is ok to go to a show when the purpose of being at the show is to beat the shit out of someone that is smaller or different then they are is not ok. Is it not bad enough that we are burying our friends or watching them die slowly due to drugs? How many of our friends are fighting in a senseless war, or sleeping on the streets? We are losing more and more of our rights to freedom. Wake up people, if you want to fight about something make it worth it!"

Skrappys cancelled the rest of its shows last weekend but remained open so teens could talk about what happened. The venue, which also hosts breakdancing and other classes during the day, opened in 1996. In the past it has hosted shows by bands like Jimmy Eat World, Deerhoof, Converge, the Locust, and Milemarker. The venue will host a teen art show in mid-January.