The Belgian noise-rock band delivers a dynamic blend of sludge, punk, and stoner styles.

Hard-rockin’ Belgian band Missiles of October has launched their latest gritty and dynamic sonic missive in the form of new album Better Days.  The act mixes the rough and raw sludge, punk, and stoner music styles to noisy and exciting effect.

Better Days is out now on CD/LP/tape/digital (for free on Bandcamp) via Pogo Records, Ebus Music, Trummer Records, Bonobo Stomp, Forbidden Place, What’s For Breakfast, and Skate Pizza Records.  That long list of labels showcases Missiles of October’s international appeal.

The band was founded in 2012 by three musicians who decided they wanted to play heavy and powerful music.  Mission accomplished!  Their references are outfits like Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Unwound, and Black Flag.

Missiles of October is known for their electrifying and wild live shows and they’ve played with an impressive list of bands that includes Jucifer, Stinking Lizaveta, Anomalys, Membrane, Morkobot, Vandal-X, Frau Blucher, Animal Youth, and more.

BETTER DAYS TOUR part.III, with more gigs to come:

24.03.18: Bruxelles at Bunker + Speedozer
28.04.18: bruxelles at barlok + Unlogistic + Binaire
19.05.17 : Etterbeek at ASBL backstage
20.07.18: Luxembourg at The Spirit of Music "SOM"


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