The Australian punk/noise band rail and rage through nine tunes on The Barn out now via Holy Roar Records and Black Wire Records.

Brisbane, Australia punk/noise rock band Idylls delivers a raging gut-punch with its latest album, The Barn, which blasted forth at the end of September.  The LP is out via Holy Roar Records and Black Wire Records.

The nine tracks on The Barn seethe and blister with potent, hardcore punk/no wave energy, animosity, and frustration.  Yet amid the raw noise and emotions is the forceful baring of the soul.  Fans of The Birthday Party, John Zorn (for the sax!), Slug Guts, and Pissed Jeans will find much to enjoy here. 

Idylls delivered a string of dissonant singles ahead of the The Barn’s release including the rampaging “Maslows Dogs” and album-opener “No Virility”, which singer and saxophonist Billie Stimpson describes as, "A petulant and flat refusal to read and understand a life through the lens of sexuality or romance. A rhythmic acclamation of failure and grey ace anthem."

The band forgoes its metal-leaning past to bring a restless and explosive punk-oriented, controlled-chaos platter that agitates and invigorates in its catharsis.  Listen to the full album stream and/or purchase The Barn below:


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