“Preachers and Creatures” is the debut album from Kristiansand, Norway punk rebels Korrupt, whose thrash-inspired riffs are combined with a blackened hardcore urgency and shouty punk vocals.

Formed by members of Social Suicide and a slew of other bands from the Norwegian underground scene, these four guys finally find their ultimate sound on this debut album. Recorded and mixed by Turbonegro and Silver’s Tommy Akerholdt, “Preachers and Creatures” may be very well be described as the prefect symbiosis between two previous Fysisk Format albums like Haust’s “Ride the Relapse” (2008) and The Good the Bad and the Zugly’s “Hadeland Hardcore” (2015).


Originating from the Bible belt-part of Norway, all four members of Korrupt have rejected the doctrines of their Christian community at an early age and although the album was never meant to be a concept album, it portrays the image of a young man, angry and fed up with the looming hand of organized religion. The lyrics deal mostly with personal authority, about building resistance and finding your own path in a world of confusion, greed and destructive propaganda. “Preachers and Creatures” is definitely the kind of album that you should listen with the lyric sheet laid out in front of you.

In Korrupt, Fysisk Format sees an unusual combination of uncompromising political attitude and raw melodic power and see in “Preachers and Creatures” the perfect cure for a sedated generation that need to wake up and start shaping the future for them.


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