NYC-based The Mad Doctors concocts a punk-surf extravaganza on latest album No Waves, Just Sharks, out April 14 on King Pizza Records.

No Waves, Just Sharks is NYC-based garage/punk/surf/psych-rock band The Mad Doctors' second LP.  It's a mighty slab of doom surf (read: riffy, reverbed-out fuzz-punk) packed with10 headbanging tunes to shout at the waves and freebase some pizza and sunshine. Think Gymshorts hanging with Clone Defects.

The record is strung together by faux B-movie audio clips recorded with a group of friends from the Brooklyn music scene (feat. members of The Rizzos, Sirs & Madams, etc.) that weave a strange tension into the music.

No Waves, Just Sharks is available on April 14th via King Pizza Records on limited vinyl in 100 minty snot green, 100 fool's gold, and 300 soul black records.  The eye-popping, spine-thrilling cover artwork credit goes to Kathryn Ginther.

The Mad Doctors is (de)composed of three bearded, lab-coated creeps strung out on a dumpster beach, hi-fiving the sun. Two parts fuzz, one part reverb, and a jigger of formaldehyde.  Drink deep!