Stream recent debut album from Baltimore-based, post-punk rock duo Dark Narrows.

Dark Narrows is a merging of post-punk, dark wave, and avant-garde. Recommended if you like Echo & The Bunnymen, David Bowie, The Cure, Bauhaus, or Joy Division. Their sound consists of impulsive melodic bass, atmospheric guitars, and haunting vocals.

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On April 1, 2015, Dark Narrows released their debut self-titled album.This release features nine songs that traverse avant-garde, with haunting post psychedelic lyrics, and vintage dark wave hooks. Dark Narrows songs Bauhaus Party, Backlash, and Empty Tables have received considerable air play on both terrestrial and internet radio stations such as DKFM New Tracks Weekend, Darklands, Kaleidoskop, Offbeat, Primal Radio, and WZBC Boston as well as a feature in

Dark Narrows started out in early 2014 with Dan O on guitar, keyboards,and vocals and Dan R on bass, guitar, and drum programming. The band is entirely self-produced and incorporates custom built effects pedals to paint their own curious soundscapes. They are currently based in Baltimore, Maryland.