Los Angeles-based prog-/alt-rock band Johnny Stranger deliver a hard and heavy take on The Nutcracker.

LA-based progressive/alternative rock band Johnny Stranger, led by Peter Anthony, have returned to the music field after a 10 year hiatus with recent new album Valkyrie.

During the time of that LP’s creation, Anthony was hatching another music-related plan – to record a hard and heavy rendition of classical music artist Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece The Nutcracker.

A wild idea for sure, but Anthony and his band have brought The Nutcracker’s songs to rockin’ life on The Nutcracker EP, which just released in early November.

It’s a potent Christmas/holiday gift that is sure to warm the hearts of rock music lovers everywhere. Working from The Nutcracker’s score, Anthony re-envisioned the classical melodies into a true rock opus.

Anthony confides, I wanted to really nail the original arrangements, with only the occasional embellishment.  It was an amazing challenge to play all the parts and keep everything organized.  Tchaikovsky was truly a genius.”

Link to stream/download/purchase The Nutcracker: https://ffm.to/nutcracker

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