New Mexico emo up-and-comers Savings have released their debut EP, ‘Get Well Soon’, ripe for fans of Hot Mulligan, Free Throw and Neck Deep.

Emo newcomers Savings have unveiled their new EP, Get Well Soon.

The New Mexico crew marry spellbinding hooks with cathartic emo tones, on a collection that marries the intimate with the accessible; expressive guitars and Sam Wilmot's intimate vocal delivery are splayed with pop sensibility over five memorable tracks.

Speaking on the new tracks, Wilmot shares: “Get Well Soon is our most honest piece of music to date, we hope you love it half as much as we enjoyed making it. We wanted to challenge ourselves to write outside of the box on this project, and that’s exactly what we did. The record feels like a shift for us and we’re extremely excited to see how it’s reciprocated and share these moments with everyone.”

Track Listing:
1. American Psycho
2. You Mean To Tell Me a Head of Lettuce Sunk This Ship?
3. Alter Ego
4. Chin Up, Champ
5. I Found A Date For The Holidays (Director's Cut)

Deploying a smart and immersive blend of pop-punk stylings, Savings nods to the 00s purveyors of the genre and nu punk, while shading the sound with elements of Midwest emo. The end-product is an emotionally charged, hook-laden affair with vulnerable lyricism and soaring choruses.

Since the project's inception in 2020, Wilmot has drawn on inspiration from the likes of Free Throw, Neck Deep, Hot Mulligan and Movements. Singles such as "Drown", "I Hope November Hurts for You" and "Cheers", featuring Right On, Kid's Zach Rose have shown Savings' articulate and highly engaging alternative sound.

Fall 2022 saw the release of "I Found a Date for the Holidays, Maybe", a heart-on-sleeve, introspective offering, touching on subjects of mental health, with May's "American Psycho" delivering a masterclass in storytelling.

The new EP is a smart collection of intricate and melodic emo-punk tracks, with Wilmot and co. wear their collective heart on their sleeve. Join Savings as they tackle all that life has to throw at them head on, and Get Well Soon.

Watch the band's behind the scenes documentary on the making of Get Well Soon, below.

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