Exclusive premiere of the electrifying single “Black Lightning’s Daughters” from the U.K.-based indie rock trio We Three And The Death Rattle.

The Leicester, England-based indie rock threesome We Three And The Death Rattle strikes again with its electrifying 2nd single “Black Lightning’s Daughters”.  The track is taken from the band’s highly anticipated sophomore album titled Entrances & Exits.  Amy Cooper (vocals) and brothers Jon (guitar, vocals) and Andy (drums) Bennett had previously released the on-target single “Stray Rounds” this past November.  “Black Lightning’s Daughters” comes out on PAW//PURR on April 15th.

“Black Lightning’s Daughters” continues in the same scorching vein as the first single, balancing on a fine line between melody and noise, rumbling with a heavily rhythmic groove and grinding guitar distortion.  On the verses, brief stabs of organ notes segue into a kicky cycle of strutting guitar lines, smashed cymbals scintillation, and kinetic drum-work as Cooper bemoans the fact that she “Can’t shake the feelin’ / that I’m already dead.” 

The verses gear up into catchy and dynamic chorus sections that chug along with gritty, sweeping guitar jags, shaken percussion, touches of organ, and a vigorously lively drum beat.  Cooper takes on the role of narrator, sing-talking with flinty conviction that “This world is burning up with death and disorder…” and that the youth of today are our only hope for a better future.  Can the human population survive its self-created "black lightning"-streaked storm of turmoil and destruction?  The view looks pretty bleak from the song’s lyrics, but the invigorating sonics and Cooper’s smoldering menace serve as a potent call to arms.

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