Dan Cadera’s Goth/industrial/post-punk music project released an album in late 2020.

Just in time for Halloween… or well, I guess the Easter holidays, comes Slashdance to add some wicked music into the mix.

Slashdance is the project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Dan Cadera and takes its stylistic cues from ‘80s Goth, ‘90s industrial, and ‘00s post-punk.

Cadera tips his black hat to Ministry (and his favorite color) on his latest nefarious single, “Everything Goes With Black,” with an accompanying gritty and dynamic performance music video.

Unremittingly grinding industrial noise and grime comes courtesy of vintage samplers, digital guitar effects, and slamming beats.  The video clip features footage that was shot throughout pre-pandemic Japan and in Candera’s studio.

The song is available from Ancient Temple Recordings and is a shadowy example of the menacing tunes on Cadera’s debut solo album, Everything Goes With Black.

The LP, which Candera had started right before the pandemic, dropped in late 2020 and was finished during the various lockdowns and regulations of that year.

Candera comments on the musical lure of his album, stating, “I’ve always had good luck writing songs that appeal to a wide audience from goths, to punks to metalheads and everything in between and so far that seems to be the case with this record. People like spooky!”


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