The pop punk/alternative rock band rise up on a socio-politically relevant track.

Acclaimed pop punk/alternative rock band ROCKET, who hail from Southern California, recently dropped latest single “Losing Breath.” The track hits hard with a roiling sonic turmoil that mirrors the socio-politically-themed unrest of the lyrics.

Janelle Barreto (vocals), Eric Wibbelsmann (guitar), Steve Kilcullen (guitar), Ozzie Hammer (bass), and Paul DePatie (drums) rock it to the max on their tunes, and their high-energy and enthusiasm – and vibrant live shows have garnered them a devoted fanbase.

They’ve also been heralded by playlisters, radio stations, and magazines, and have supported and played alongside many notable acts, including Trapt, Vast, Alien Ant Farm, and Puddle Of Mud. CBS Los Angeles gave their stamp of approval, stating ROCKET was one of “the best bands to catch” live.

ROCKET dig deep lyrically on “Losing Breath,” a rally cry against the lies being spread by the current US government headed by a fake president who is destroying lives with his ignorance and incompetence.

Barreto exclaims, “[It’s] like I’m stuck in a bad dream” – and then she shouts, “Wake up!” with fierce passion.

We as a nation need to wake up and actually do something to remove the occupier of the White House; not just complain with  tweets, but support and/or ultimately vote (locally, regionally, and nationally) in competent and rational people (yes, politicians, and teachers,  judges, lawyers, and police officers – basically anyone who creates, implements, and/or enforces laws/regulations/policies) who believe in and practice civility to and respect for others, and who are working for a better future for us all.

“Losing Breath” lyrics:

Stuck in a joke or something
Without a vote
Good God!
Shut Up!
No waaaay
Each day it gets more shocking
The sickness grows
The Lies
The Bombs
The Guns
I thought I Tweet you it's all
Fake News

It's like they've figured out
Keep you look’n the other way
And then they shoot you down

Oh my America today
All the things that seem to take your
breath away
Does it take your breath…
Are we losing breath…

Like I’m stuck in a bad dream
Come on Wake Up!
Whoa no!
Just stop!
And all the words that were sick of
Come on enough
No Collusion
The Witch Hunt
The Porn Star
Just grab them by the
(whoa whoa)

We watch the flip & flop
Well I meant wouldn’t; I said would
Still we can’t figure out….

Oh my America…Today
All the things that feel like they will
never change
Does it take your breath…
Can I take your breath…
Are we losing breath…
Can I take your breath away!

Enough to break you down
Another Suicide today
All too familiar sound

Oh my America…..Today!
All the things that feel like they will
stay the same
Does it take your breath…
Can I take your breath…
Are we losing breath...
Feel I’m loosing breath…
Can I take your breath…
Does it take your breath away!


Keep an ear peeled for more new Mark Needham-produced (Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Neon Trees) ROCKET tunes coming out soon!

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