Acclaimed hip-hop/country rock band Gangstagrass release a relevant lyric video ahead of their new album.

Acclaimed Brooklyn-based hip-hop/country/rock hybrid band Gangstagrass are set to release their new album, No Time For Enemies, this Friday, August 14th via AntiFragile Music.

At a trying time in our lives when so many of us are divided, intentionally or not, from each other, Gangstagrass offers up support and hope for unity through understanding and acceptance.

The viral pandemic has only brought out more division it seems, even though some of it, like self-isolation and social distancing, is meant to slow down and eventually stop the spread of the COVID virus.

Rebel Noise is extremely pleased to host the lyric video for the uplifting and mellow track “Ride With You” from No Time For Enemies.

Stringed instruments, smoothly streaming raps, and thoughtful lyrics flow through “Ride With You.” The music genre-blending, racially diverse band members appear in the video on separate screens because of quarantine rules. But even with each of them being apart from the other, the message of togetherness shines through bright and clear on the heartfelt track and performance.

“Ride With You” is a message of love and of solidarity, and rallying cry for positive change, filled with sweet harmonies, light banjo plucks, poignant violin pulls, laid-back beats, and relaxed raps that tackling life’s challenges head-on with spirited lyrics including, “Calm and collected / but I still need your passion / This is a call to action / Packed with exact facts / Building more bridges... / Revolution coming / Now isn’t that something?”

Band member Rench relates, “I started writing this hook in early 2020, a love letter for chaotic times, with no idea how chaotic they would be in the six months that followed. I think “the future is a bumpy ride / I wanna ride with you” may be the quarantine romance track we need right now.”

He continues, “I feel like this track is the tender heart of the album; the one that lets go of all the complicated and thorny issues we are trying to work through on the other songs to encourage people to get over their divisions, and goes straight to just saying “I want you around,” and this certainly seems to be the time to grab your special people and tell them you want to ride this thing out with them.”


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