New NYC rock duo Gardenia drop a catchy and positive punk rock/Americana track.

New York City-based new rock duo Gardenia are influenced by the city they reside in. The band members have taken in the grit, noise, and passion of the underground rock scene and they let that out in their music.

Channeling both old-school rock and a modern sound, Gardenia blooms with positivity on their new single “2nd Grade”. Rebel Noise is pleased to be hosting the premiere of the sweet storytelling track that follows the lives and love story of a couple from the 2nd Grade and onward.

Gardenia are as straight-forward as a band can be. Self-described as a “one guitar, one drum, one mic, and no B.S.” band, they play and sing direct rock ‘n’ roll with lyrics that have no hidden agenda. In other words, “2nd Grade” is about being in the 2nd Grade.

“2nd Grade”’s cheerful lyrics are roughened up with aggressive sonics, from the swingin’ pace, pummeling drum beat, careening guitar distortion, and enthusiastically exclaimed vocals. Think punk rock and Americana arm in arm in the mosh pit. It’s infectious, robust, and rules!

“2nd Grade” releases today and follows on the band’s recent tour of the Northeast. You can see them live at various venues throughout the spring in New York and New Jersey. Information on shows are listed on their social media.

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