New Jersey punk/post-hardcore band Coach’s Son unleashes a dynamic and gritty single.

Trenton, NJ-based punk/post-hardcore band Coach’s Son is lining up for the kick-off of their debut EP, I Don’t Know That Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad. It’s slated to touch down on November 30th via Chicago record label Jetsam-Flotsam.

Coach’s Son is a four-piece comprised of ex-members of The Great Explainer and The Ruining, with Sean Bystrzycki on vocals and guitar, Matt Vaneekhoven on vocals and guitar, Matt Bernard on bass, and Dakota Bethke on drums.

Lead single “Parenthetical” was recently released and Rebel Noise is excited to host the premiere of its follow-up, the dynamic track “Be Still, Cody”.

The band cranks out the ironically “Be Still, Cody” with vigor, grinding through a gritty bass line, yet flowing with sharp, but melodic guitar lines. The kinetic, changeable drum beat punctuates the restlessly choppy rhythms, while the vocal delivery is low and guttural.

Bass player Matt Bernard has this to say about the track, ““Be Still, Cody” was the first song we wrote together. It's about mistakenly holding onto the past when one should realize to focus on progression. It's about embracing the present and minding the future.  It's also about blowing up sharks with dynamite.”

Check out “Be Still, Cody” below:

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