The British noisegaze trio Burning House blazes brightly on their second single.

Southampton, England alternative rock band Burning House mixes a potent and transporting blend of shoegaze, noise rock, post-rock, and psych-rock on their songs that can be encapsulated in the tag noisegaze for easy reference.

The members of Burning House are adept at the classical ‘90s alt-rock quiet/loud dynamic and verse/chorus/verse song structures, but they also add a noisier rock crunch and/or shoegaze warp, wandering soundscapes, and melodic psychedelics, depending on the number.

The band is currently comprised of Aaron Mills (songwriter, vocalist, guitarist), Patrick White (bass), and Dominic Taylor (drums). They released the captivating Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine-inspired Tracer EP in early October. A smitten BB6 Music tastemaker Steve Lamacq has championed the band and they have opened for the legendary Wire.

Burning House now follows the EP up with their latest release, the blazingly propulsive second single “Mirror Song” which dropped November 9th. The restless track attacks with a serrated, fiery guitar warp, cantering bass line, and fast-smacked drum beat while Mills’ hazy vocals glide over the driving urgency.

Mills reveals, ““Mirror Song” is about reflections; the reflections we make and the ones we actively seek. Our secret and emergent energies that dictate motives realized only posthumously.”

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