British doom metal/hardcore two-piece The Parasitic Twins stay heavy on an infernal cut from their debut EP.

Hull, England-located doom metal/hardcore band The Parasitic Twins is made up of Max Watt (guitar, vocals) of Rotting Monarchs and Dom Smith (drums) of Mary and The Ram. Previously members of Seep Away, the pair continue to play heavy, noisy music in the infectious form of The Parasitic Twins.

Rebel Noise is stoked to be the host for this parasite…, umm, I mean, U.S. premiere of “End”, the third single from the band’s debut EP, All That’s Left To Do Now, Is Sleep With Each Other, out via Man Demolish Records.

The guitars on “End” grind in the abysmal depths while still burning with a hellish fire. Thickly thudding drum beats mark the dismal time, with Watt branding the infernal track with his raw, guttural vocal delivery.

“End”, which officially releases on October 26th, was recorded live at Melrose Yard Studios in York. Their first single, the aptly titled “Massive”, was recently broadcast on BBCRadio York and second tune “Flipswitch” got coverage on metal sites like Moshville Times and Metal Report.

The Parasitic Twins, along with The Carnival Reject, are headed out on a brief tour, with dates in the Yorkshire region.  See Tour Dates below.

Tour Dates

Oct 14 – Fulford Arms, York (7:30)

Oct 20 – Banktop Tavern, Oldham (7)

Oct 21 – O’Riley’s – Kingston Upon Hull (7:30)

Oct 27 – Blossoms, Stockport (8)

Dec 9 – The Station Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne (2pm)

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