Nick May of alt-rock project Morning Eagle flies high on dynamic and gritty new single.

Musician Nick May started his alternative rock project Morning Eagle in 2018 while working in Philadelphia as a producer for other bands (Breaklite, UgLi, The Valets).

After relocating to Long Beach, California before the pandemic hit, May spent the time in lockdown honing his Morning Eagle demos.

On January 1st of this year he released the Slide EP, which also arrived as a limited edition cassette via Michigan-based Setterwind Records that specializes in tapes.

As Morning Eagle, May will be unveiling his upcoming album Fantasy Parade this summer through Setterwind Records.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of lead single “Evergreen” ahead of the LP drop.

“Evergreen” is a vibrant alternative rock track that dynamically shifts from dreamily lulling verses with mulled-over vocals to soaring, yet gritty and guitar-driven chorus sections.

May digs into the meaning of the number, explaining, ““Evergreen” is about wanting something to work, but it seems like you have exhausted all options and no longer know what to do. Whether that be about a friendship, relationship with a partner, or a relationship with a family member, I'll leave that up to the listener to decide.” 

Moving on to the guitar-centered sound of “Evergreen,” May comments, “I wanted to write a song where the dynamics are loud, quiet, loud etc. I was probably listening to Quicksand or the Deftones at the time and was influenced by those sounds - LOL.”



May hints at a possible run of shows later this year, as well as some musical collaborations, so keep an ear out for more from this exciting artist.

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