Premiere of intense single from British punk band Three Day Millionaires

The intensely raw track “Fakin’ It” by Kingston upon Hull, England-based punk band Three Day Millionaires gets its US premiere here.  The band members charge through “Fakin’ It” with fiery vehemence, slagging off other bands that don’t have an ‘all-in’ approach.

“Fakin’ It”, which bowed via Warren Records, is a full-throttle ride, filled with bashed out jagged guitar jabs, fiercely banged drums, and shredded vocal exclamations.  Daniel Harrison (vocals, bass), Adam Pyrah (guitar), and Jamie Dean (drums) incorporate other genres into Three Day Millionaires' punk core, including progressive rock, hardcore, and alternative rock.

Harrison digs into “Fakin’ It”, explaining, “Lyrically I just wanted to get the point across. I'm bored of watching bands get up on stage and play a half arsed set to a paying audience, accompanied with backing tracks. It's bullshit! It's embarrassing! It's something that we don't want to see in music. We should give the crowds the respect they deserve and keep the standards high. Why are bands scared to go on stage and hit a few wrong notes? Everything is becoming too 'clinical'! If bands would rather use auto tune and samples, then we've got a fucking problem.”


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