New York-located punk rock outfit The Jukebox Romantics release a dynamic and tuneful single.

Based out of the downstate New York region, punk rock band The Jukebox Romantics are setting up to unleash their latest effort in the near future, the Fires Forming EP, via Sell The Heart Records and Engineer Records.

It’s a transitional batch of five tracks that show the usually 100% fun-time outfit (that have been going at it since 2009) in a more thoughtful mood due to the huge amount of unrest and uncertainty that’s engulfed the world these days.

The tunes still go at full-tilt, however, even when the lyrics get a bit more introspective. Take, for instance, the dynamic and tuneful “Hey Nora.”

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of this propulsive and vibrant single today.

The catchy sing-along is filled with romping to thrashing guitars, a fast-running bass line, emphatic drum pummel, bright cymbals crash, and heartfelt emotions,

“Hey Nora” also has lyrics that seem to reference survival and loss in a changing world.

Sole original member of the band, Mike Terry, reveals some interesting details about the song’s lyrics, describing what was on his mind when creating “Hey Nora.”

“Inspiration comes from everywhere. The lyrics of this song were written well before the wildfires of 2020, the haze that took over the West Coast, the power outages of Texas, and basically what seemed like the impending apocalypse on planet earth.”

“To be honest, this song was written about the sudden vanishing of 2% of the world's population inspired by a work of fiction written by Tom Perotta in his novel The Leftovers (later adapted by HBO) and focuses on the character of Nora Durst, one of the people left behind wondering, “What do I do now? Who am I?””

“You ever look at a painting and just bawl your eyes out? Or finish reading a book and just say out loud, “Damn.” That was my experience with that book and TV show. I’ve never been more emotionally invested in a work of fiction more so that The Leftovers… but when you listen to the song, sure, it can be about the events of 2020 and how we are all different people ‘cause of it.”



10/29 - 10/31 GAINESVILLE, FL - THE FEST

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