Irish punk collective Katie’s Randy Cat launches the spirited title track from one album of a dual LP release.

Irish punk/roots music band Katie’s Randy Cat hails from Toledo, Ohio, but they take their inspiration from around the globe, mixing a heavy dose of traditional Irish music into their spirited sound.

Katie’s Randy Cat are readying for a dual album release; the LP Irish Fire, which is a record of celebration that showcases the band’s history, and Die for These, which is packed with rebellious protest songs advocating for social change.

Rebel Noise is excited to host the premiere of the title track of Irish Fire. The song is a tribute to strong and independent women who face adversity head-on and enjoy everyday life with passion, intelligence, integrity, and assuredness.

The restless and spirited “Irish Fire” blazes with energetic zeal from the get-go with a jumpin’ to driving tempo from rhythm guitarist Greg Heldt and bassist Jon Zenz, fiery and concise guitar lines by lead guitarist Petr Kharchenko, and punchy drum beats and crashing cymbals courtesy of drummer Matt Jones. Lead vocalist Steve Steel exclaims fervently about a woman who’s a “perfect storm” and one to admire; a woman with “Gypsy spirit and Irish fire”.


August 16 – Mulligans Pub, Grand Rapids, MI – 8pm

August 17 – Hennessy’s Irish Pub, Muskegon, MI – 8pm

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