Finnish-Canadian rock band Forth release a kicky and sing-along single from their upcoming LP.

International rock band Forth will be releasing their second album, Captivity, on March 1st. Ahead of that date they’ve unleashed two singles and Rebel Noise is proud to host the premiere of the 3rd one, the kicky and melodic “On Top of the World”.

Forth is comprised of Canadian singer-songwriter Brian Forth who now lives in Finland, and his Finnish bandmates Tim Norrgrann (lead guitar), Mikael Söderbäck (bass), and Eric Von Hertzen (drums). They stride confidently into the rock arena equipped with punk, grunge, and of course plenty of rock ‘n’ roll in their arsenal.

Forth is also releasing a cool performance video of the band to accompany the tuneful and energetic “On Top of the World”. As Brian Forth puts it, I think the video really shows who we are as a band, and also what the song is about.” Rebel Noise is also pleased to be airing that new video as well.

“On Top of the World” officially releases on February 19th. You just can’t help singing along to the chorus of the song, which bursts out with an anthemic buoyancy. So join in the joyful chant!

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