Welsh punk band Breichiau Hir deliver another aggressive and melodic track.

Aggressive and melodic punk ‘n’ roll band Breichiau Hir hail from Wales and sing/shout in their native tongue. The words may be a mouthful for non-Welsh speakers/listeners, but the passion and energy comes through in spades.

Rebel Noise is excited to host the premiere of Breichiau Hir’s latest single,

“Portread O Ddyn Yn Bwyta Ei Hun”, which officially releases on October 12th via Libertino. The track is the most precise capture of the band’s vibrant live sound.

On “Portread O Ddyn Yn Bwyta Ei Hun”, Breichiau attack from the get-go with gritty guitar jags, down-low bass line, and crashing drums and cymbals. Frontman Steffan enunciates sharply at the start against the driving guitar and slippery bass line. The sonics build up to an intense bonfire before suddenly burning out.

Steffan explains the themes behind the songs ear catching lyrics, commenting, “I’d say the song is a bit of a mind-trip, aimlessly jumping through different thoughts and conversations but with as much angst as possible, whatever the subject.”

Check out the video for the tune:




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