NoCal garage punk/noise rock band Drug Apts deal an emphatic, dynamic track off their upcoming LP.

Sacramento, California-located garage punk/noise rock band Drug Apts are readying to release their debut album, Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances, on March 23rd via Mt.St.Mtn, the same day they kick off a West Coast tour with Nocturnal Habits (Justin Trosper of Unwound).

Ahead of that date, Rebel Noise is extremely pleased to host the premiere of “Straight Shooter”, an emphatic and dynamic track from the LP. Like a fighter in the ring, the potent song drives forward with a pushy momentum, then suddenly and sporadically lurches like a brawler, and whipping up some whirlwind hits until the final KO.

Vocalist Whitney Kebschull rails against our current cultural climate of closed-off communication (unless, of course, you believe in the same ideals). She wails out, “Words have no power / when no one’s listening.” and that there’s, “no in-between – you must pick a side.”

She’s surrounded rumbling guitar grind and sharp bass line jabs that are both so low-range and menacing it’s hard to tell them apart, and an energetically slammed drum beats.

Drug Apts consists of long-time members of the California punk scene, with Michael Thiemann and Tristen Tozer founding the band and releasing two previous EPs on Tyler Pope's (LCD Soundsystem, !!!) Berlin-based label, Interference Pattern Records. Thiemann and Tozer are joined by the aforementioned Kebschull, as well as Matt Kanelos.

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