The Boatsmen “Versus the Boatsmen” is full throttle punk rock’n’roll at its finest

The Boatsmen “Versus the Boatsmen” is full throttle punk rock’n’roll at its finest coming at you at high speeds! The fourth full length from the band, Sweden’s The Boatsmen make their presence known, and quickly, as the first notes of this torrid, rock’n’roll record start. With crisp guitar tones, big drums, thundering bass lines, Johnny Thunders inspired guitar leads, and a huge vocal presence and delivery, these guys simply bring it; and they are quite unapologetic for it, and rightfully so.

As their press release proudly states: “These guys came to PARTY” and they certainly provide the goods. They sound a bit like a cross between The Devil Dogs and Electric Frankenstein but with better production and song construction. You also hear some Hellacopters, Wildhearts, Chuck Berry, New York Dolls swag, and old school punk roots as well.

The fast, punkish “Friday Night Forever” shows the band’s punk roots but also includes rock’n’roll guitar licks for days. “Thirst Song” starts with a ZZ Top sounding rock’n’roll riff and starts pounding away, which leads to a more punk inspired chorus, and great transitions between these parts: at one point I’m hearing fast punk, then a Chuck Berry solo, then a great hook returning to the main riff, all somehow sounding cohesive and in your face at the same time.

The Boatsmen clearly know their rock’n’roll history, as well as how to write their own. The rest of the record continues this theme with fury, with every track a full blast of pure rock’n’roll energy and chaos. The band states in their bio “The Boatsmen were formed when all other great rock’n’roll bands quit or just stopped being good.” And that “they are here to save everybody from boredom with screaming guitars, frantic drums and songs about all the good things in life, pizza, beer, and making love” and also add that they are “committed to keeping the great rock’n’roll flame alive.” The Boatsmen “Versus the Boatsmen” surely achieves this goal. It is pure punk rock’n’roll that is loud, obnoxious and pissed off but not too serious, except in their musical ability which speaks for itself. The record drops today and is available on limited 12” vinyl and CD via Spaghetty Town Records (US) & Ghost Highway Recordings (EU). You can purchase it here.


Spaghetty Town Records

Ghost Highway Recordings

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