Fuck, we lost another one….


Like all other high school kids in So. Cal, the crew and I used to get very bored on weekends. One cool way to fuck around and check shit out was to load up into the car and go check out a cool punk rock shop. Now when I say punk rock shop, I don't mean a store that sells a few punk CD's, I'm talking about shops for punks, run by punks, and all about punk. These shops were few and far between (Dr. Strange, vinyl fetish, headline records, etc...) But it was fucking worth it. You would walk in looking for Bad Religion CD and walk out with a local bands 7" and flyers for your next 3 gigs. But you know shit changes. Now it's easier to find bands on myspace, and why buy the cd when you can buy the cool songs on itunes (oh shit wait, your punks, you can download it for free somewhere right?)

Well in keeping with that were loosing a lot of cool shops. We already know about Aaron's records and rhino records. Now say goodbye to trash city records in Monterey Park. Trash city was a fucking great shop that specialized in street punk, classic punk, and local punk. They
supported this website by selling the rebelnoise comp, which you can still pick up there until the end on the month (March 06). They did in-store shows. Do yourself a favor and make a final trip to trash city. Talk to the crew and say thanks, remember that your scene depends on everyone, not just the rock stars in bands....

Trash City is at 2412 S. Garfield Blvd in Monterey Park, or at least will be until the end of March.