The indie rock band have also dropped a vibrant accompanying performance music video.

Hailing from Cornwall, England, indie/art-rock outfit Grip-Like Vice have returned to the music scene with, “Get Inside, Go Nowhere,” an exciting new tune with a vibrant accompanying music video.

The track and video precede the forthcoming album Place//Circumstance, which will arrive in the near future.

The band explains the meaning of the LP’s title, commenting, The past becomes our future, place becomes our circumstance. Two sides of the story come together... Exposing, unexpurgated and laid to rest.”

“Get Inside, Go Nowhere” is another tuneful and energetic song from the band that is led by founder, songwriter, and guitarist Beren Matthews.

Matthews has also been busy showcasing his guitar-playing skills with support for Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin, as well as The Pineapple Thief.

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