LA’s Dayton Swim Club have just released an intense debut EP via Perpetual Doom.

Dark, dreary and unique 80s goth inspired sounds are brought to us on “Hangman”, the debut EP by LA’s Dayton Swim Club. Nick Cave, Bauhaus and Gun Club vibes are throughout the EP, but the band incorporates their influences into their music without abandoning their unique feel and execution. Solid thumping bass lays the foundation of the songs, with exquisite guitar interplay broadening the atmosphere and landscape of the songs, each with a distinct feel yet still sounding cohesive. Singer Nick Flessa's brooding vocals combined with the haunting sound of Matelson’s backups offer the perfect complement to the darkness and desolate nature of the songs.

Some topics explored are a “teen slasher revenge fantasy” on “Pillow Talk”, the villain of that song returning on “Night Breed”, and self-destructive anthems on “Landra”.

“Predatory Drift” is a clear highlight with an incredible driving bass line that leads into an interplay between haunting vocals and seedy, reverb-soaked guitar runs and noise, with a hooky chorus to drive it home.

The record was produced and mixed by Mario Luna in the band’s DIY practice space in Los Angeles. Contributors include Jessica Perelman, Kirsten Bladh (Leggy), Pauline Lay, Greg Marino, and J.D. Carrera. Hangman is the perfect encapsulation of, in Flessa’s words, “a land plagued by the bad spirit of a manifest destiny to destroy everything, including oneself...where you have the freedom to use covid, booze, cigarettes, casinos and more to be your own hang, man.”

Overall, an impressive debut EP brought to you by The Doomers at Perpetual Doom. The EP is available on streaming services and on Limited Edition cassette. Please check links, streams, and support via the links below.

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