NYC-based hardcore metal band Vibrater (feat. members of Bile) is set to release debut album.

Introducing VIBRATER: Featuring Founding Members of NYC Industrial Metal Veterans BILE - Former EMMURE Guitarist Jesse Ketive Produces New VIBRATER Track "New Era of Terror"

Emerging from the depths of New York City and featuring founding members of industrial metal veterans Bile, newly formed hardcore metal band VIBRATER are ready to take back the NYC heavy metal scene with their upcoming currently-untitled album, produced by former Emmure guitarist Jesse Ketive. VIBRATER combines the styles of EDM-influenced metal with old school punk and hardcore origins to create a sound that is altogether heavy and unforgiving.

VIBRATER's 10 track debut will be out later this year.

Kirk "Slash" Farrington (Vox)
Brett Pirozzi (Vox)
Eric Roi (Vox)
Jeff-X (guitar)
Chuck Lenihan (guitar)
Gregg Cook (drums)
Steve Evangelista (bass)

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