Rising LA-based band release a dynamic new tune ahead of their upcoming mini-album.

Los Angeles-located rock ‘n’ roll band Velvet Starlings have audiences flocking to their energetic and gritty gigs and ’60-indebted retro sound.

L.A.’s KROQ and Sirius XM have bent an ear their way, and high-profile gigs festivals like SXSW and Summerfest are the norm for Velvet Starlings. The band deftly balances deeper and rawer garage rock/blues with British-tinted traditional rock.

The act recently released the rousing number “Kids in Droves” which is solidified by a catchy organs hook that recalls classics by The Doors.

Velvet Starling’s sound may be throwback, but their lyrics display a modern-day touch. “Kids in Droves” is no exception as it dives into the conflict between our self-identity and the need for social media approval.

The band is led by singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Christian Gisborne and they dropped a debut self-titled EP in late 2018 via Sound x 3 Records and Rock N Rolla Records.

This year is set to be even better for Velvet Starlings, with an imminent U.S. tour, a slot at Summerfest, and Swedish tour dates. A new mini-album titled Love Everything, Love Everyone is in the final stages and it showcases the band’s dynamic live sound.

Also listen to “Kids in Droves” here:






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