UK pop punk band Project Revise get vibrantly lively (as always) on a new performance music video.

Hailing from the Birmingham region in England, pop punk trio Project Revise revive the dynamically antic and upbeat pop punk of the late ‘90s music scene that sprang Blink-182, Sum 41, and Millencolin on the world.

Project Revise will be dropping their upcoming second EP, Songs From The Shed, on April 17th and ahead of that they’ve released the old-school pop punk track “Another Day.”

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the energetic and fun video for “Another Day.”

In the video clip Chris Tamburro (guitar, vocals), Rich Marshall (bass, vocals), and David Yarnell (drums) perform the song with a brash enthusiasm, going all-out at their instruments and at the mic.

The three guys are spotlighted against a totally black background while a sprinkling of tiny white snowflake-like confetti falls down on them.

The catchy track, which opens the EP, blasts out with bashed drum strikes, jagged guitar riffs, a fast-running bass line, and passionate exclamations.

Tamburro says of “Another Day”, “The song is about creating and overcoming barriers between us and other people in our lives. No matter what separates us from one another right now, when it comes down to it, we were all born equally into this world. It's a highly relevant message that we feel strongly about putting out there.”

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