Wisconsin-residing post-rock band Sleepersound release an engaging video for a dreamy track.

Residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (by way of Chicago, and originally from Saint Louis, Missouri), Sleepersound are an absorbing and transporting post-rock/dream-pop outfit who deftly balance delicate and contemplative rumination with spirited and resounding, guitar-driven diffusion.

Dave D'Antonio (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Kenny Buesing (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Mike Campise (bass, keyboards), Dan Niedziejko (drums), and Stephen Vincent Anderson (visuals) released their latest acclaimed album, Idle Voices, this past August, following up previous praised LP, In Medias Res from 2018.

A highlight track from Idle Voices is the dreamy and reflective, yet vibrant opus “Blossom” that melds changeable post-rock dynamics with flowing synth strings.

Longing and heartfelt vocals belie the stark lyrics that speak to confronting fears. The vocal delivery is touched with wistful regret, and are couched in a bed of fluid guitar ripples that swell and ebb, along with the rise of an additional fiery guitar arc, a softly aching, vespertine bass line, occasional starry and hymnal keyboard notes, and a mostly measured drum pace and ticking cymbals that can quickly shift in tempo as the song intensifies.

“Blossom” was produced by Sleepersound, mixed by Dan Niedziejko in his home studio Indian Not the Arrow, and mastered by renowned producer/composer (and owner of Shimmy-Disc record label) KRAMER at Noise Miami Publishing.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the engaging part-narrative, part-performance music video for “Blossom.” The video was shot and edited by Stephen Vincent Anderson, with Mike Campise as creative director.

Campise gives some details about the video’s meaning, explaining, The video is a metaphoric 'coming of age' journey. The exploration of self, the world, and uncertainties that manifest from that. The audience follows a woman as she moves through paths of light, darkness, and discoveries. The band is highlighted [as well], and through performance, plays a role in telling the story.”









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