British indie rock ‘n’ roll band Grip-Like Vice deliver a kicky and vibrant single from their upcoming EP.

…and now for something completely (well, sort of) different: Grip-Like Vice, a British high-energy indie/alt-rock band whose main desire is to be original. The aim of Grip-Like Vice (Beren Matthews on guitar and vocals, John Logan on guitar, synth, and vocals, and Sammy Downing on drums) is to be both catchy and rousing, combining the best of the rock and pop realms.

The Saint Austell-located band’s past EPs have garnered critical raves for their lively shows and occasional four-tiered harmonies (definitely something that sets them apart from many acts!).

“Feign Martyr” is the first single off Grip-Like Vice’s upcoming EP Place/Circumstance. The record is an unvarnished and personal look at the quick and relentless march of time and of a past that has as strong grip on the future.

Rebel Noise is psyched to host the premiere of the lyrics video for “Feign Martyr”, which showcases the deep and uneasy lyrics that are embedded in the propulsive and vibrant instrumentation and infectious vocals.

A kicky drum beat and snappy rhythm start it all off on an agitated, but staccato grind, with short-phrase vocals punching into the mix. Backing exclamations bolster the main vocal line, while the band swings out on the bright and boisterous chorus sections.

Grip-Like Vice (a nod to Elvis Costello’s “Party Girl” lyrics) count XTC, They Might Be Giants, and Elliot Smith among their influences, but their fresh sound is all their own.

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