SoCal skate punk outfit Chaser release a high-energy, nostalgic, and heartfelt new music video.

Southern California-located skate punk band Chaser have been going after their musical dreams for the past two decades while staying true to their roots.

The veteran melodic punk band have released a slew of LPs, EPs, and singles on comps, and they recently dropped their latest acclaimed album Dreamers via Thousand Islands Records, Sound Speed Records, SBAM Records, and Pee Records.

Mike LeDonne (vocals), Jesse Stopnitzky (bass, vocals), Bill Hockmuth (guitar) and Davey Guy (drums) keep the tracks energetic, anthemic, and infectious from start to end with uplifting, yet realistic lyrics that aim to bring people together instead of tear them apart.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the music video for one such tune, “Good Times.”

The rad number is a catchy and slammin' blast, with a positive and relatable message that’s sorely needed in these days of uncertainty and division.

Jesse Stopnitzky confides, ““Good Times” takes you through the highs and lows of life with the understanding that nothing lasts forever; the good or the bad.”

“As we reflect on our past, we should remember that as long as we’re still breathing, we always have the option to raise a glass and celebrate the good times with our family and friends.”

“This is the perfect song to kickoff summer and get back to creating good times of your own!”

The music video for “Good Times” reflects the nostalgic vibe of the song, with high-energy live performance footage of Chaser comprising most of the vid.

These scenes rotate with copacetic shots of skateboarders rollin’ and people strollin’ beachside and surfers ridin’ the waves in sunny California.

There are also recreated scenes from the past showing kids playing various games, with each young’un representing a now-grown-up band member.

It’s a sweet and heartfelt music video, but also one that’s punchily directed by Alex Zarek and full of natural camaraderie and fun escapades and meet-ups.

This is especially enjoyable to watch during the pandemic when most, if not all, of these activities have been off-limits for quite a while…

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